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What to expect....

There are many ways of working with plants. We may talk about specific constituents of plants to help you on your healing path, or find ways of incorporating a lifelong relationship with plants into your life. To get to know plants is to get to know the natural world, which is a priority for me when I work with people, plants, and our changing planet.

Working with herbal medicine is as much of a science as it is an art. There is really no one plant for one specific ailment. Discovering the plants and mushrooms that will most benefit you, is really informed by who you are. This can vary based on your constitution, your lifestyle, your medical history, as well as your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual makeup.

Private Sessions

Sometimes the western model of health care doesn’t feel complete. More and more people are looking to alternative modalities, reclaiming ancestral ways of healing, and taking a more holistic approach to understanding and treating dis-ease.


My experience has taught me that the path to healing begins with acknowledging the root of the problem,  addressing the negative patterns in our lives so that we can “undo them”, and continues with the practice of empowered self nourishment.

Beauty lies within a cup of rose and hawthorn blossom tea

Looking to take the next step in your healing?

Whether you would like to feel heard over a soothing cup of elderflower tea or you have a physical illness to address, I am here to help. I offer plants and practices for a variety of life situations.


Initial session, two hours long: $145

Follow up sessions, one hour long: $95


Please write to for more information

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