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Mai Lovaas

Hello, I’m Mai. I am a clinical herbalist, mushroom enthusiast, foraging connoisseur, medicinal food cook, and life-long devotee of plant medicine.


My passion for plants began during childhood in my native land of Norway. I was a kid with a big imagination and I spent countless hours in the woods playing with the flowers and trees.  Every day during summer I would collect huge bouquets of flowers and pile them onto every surface in the house much to my mother’s despair, as the pollen, plant droppings and bugs would get everywhere. I can still clearly recall when our neighbor cut down the large spruce tree near our property when I was 6 years old. I got so upset that I  ran away from home. I was devastated by the loss of my friend. The plants have always been my beautiful allies. 

So later on when I began experiencing some health issues, I knew instinctively that the plants would help me. I found back to them. I found back to the flowers and trees of my childhood, seeing them with new eyes and learning enthusiastically about their benefits. I now work with plants every day for health and nourishment, vitality and inspiration.

Listen to the quieter voice with a louder resonance

On my journey into plant medicine, I have had the delight of learning from a variety of senior herbal teachers from across the country, and I continue to attend herbal conferences and mushroom forays as often as I can.


I am a graduate of the Clinical Western Herbalism Program at Berkeley Herbal Center, The Advanced Apprenticeship at Green Wisdom Herbal Studies, and The Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship at Gaia School of Healing, CA. I am currently in grad school studying global health and indigenous uses of mushrooms.

I offer herbal consultations, plant walks, guided retreats, and medicinal workshops throughout the year.


Whether you would like to feel heard over a soothing cup of elderflower tea, you have a physical illness you’d like to address holistically, you want to learn more about herbalism, you want to learn to work with plants- identifying, harvesting, and medicine making, you want to journey more deeply with the plants through shamanic meditation, or you long for an empowered experience in the wild, I would love to connect with you.

Photo: Amanda Bjorn Photography
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