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When we work with plants

we are remembering ancient knowledge

During a consultation we will go back in your medical history and attempt to understand when your body started to show symptoms of discord.


Over the coming months there will be 1-Day workshops, plant medicine weekends in the desert, a retreat in Norway and many other events.


Sit back with a cup of your favourite herbal tea and enjoy some deep insights and ponderous musings into the world of plant medicine. (coming soon)

Exploring mycelium is to ponder what grows out of the dark

Mai Wild Medicinals

An expression of the medicine of plants, fungi, and of the inner wild.

Have you ever sat beneath the palm trees in a tropical botanical garden, and instantly felt that you had been there before… that you belong to the lands of the lush and humid fan palms- that somehow their story is your story… but you can’t remember the language?


Perhaps you feel drawn to the cactus and chaparral of the desert every year, but don’t quite understand why. Do you dream of venturing deep into damp forests, knee-deep in leaf-duff, foraging wild mushrooms? Or learning about the plants and mushrooms of our Sierra Nevada mountains?  

That feeling is a call from the wild. It is the call to re-orient into our wild nature.

Allow me to be your guide. Together we will go on adventures. We will explore different landscapes where I will introduce you to the plants that are calling to you. I will teach you how to work with them. You will learn the olden ways of healing, and how to integrate the practices of ancestral medicine into your daily life. Let me remind you how to trust nature, to trust yourself – and to reclaim your wild nature.​